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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Glittering skyscrapers and sweeping sand dunes put us in awe of this mega-watt, multi-cultural metropolis. A small fishing village in its previous life, Dubai has reinvented itself as a cosmopolitan city for the ages. It has the world’s tallest tower, world-renowned shopping (not to mention, the world’s largest shopping mall), powdery indoor ski slopes, breathtaking beaches, and even man-made islands. Of course, how could you forget the untamed desert, where you can ride camels amid the majestic dunes?

    Dubai is a destination on a mission to make travelers rethink the modern city. When planning an itinerary in Dubai, you’ll need to consider not only the historical sites but also the mind-boggling, cloud-scraping architecture, and endless entertainment options.

    While many visitors head straight for the Dubai Mall, which features an indoor theme park, a 22-screen theater, a giant Aquarium with an underwater zoo, and a full-sized ice-skating rink, there are countless other attractions to be explored in this utterly vibrant and thoroughly fascinating city.

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