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    Houston, Texas

    Houston is world-renowned for many things: Fortune 500 companies and energy. The world’s largest medical center and life-saving advancements. NASA and aerospace technology. But, there is so much more to Houston than meets the eye. This city has lots of surprises in store for travelers with an open mind that choose to stay awhile.

    Just like the intriguing state in which it resides, Houston transcends assumptions and stereotypes. Visitors may very well hear the locals praise their city as the most diverse in the United States due to its metropolitan, multicultural mix. While oil may have been what put Houston on the map, it’s the thrilling things to do, deep cultural offerings, and laid-back Southern charm that will keep you coming back for more.

    The cultural scene in Houston is particularly interesting. World-class museums, exquisite restaurants, and couture shopping abound. Truly, there is no lack of appeal to this incomparable and captivating city. It’s safe to say that it’s pretty much impossible for any visitor to leave the city of Houston unfulfilled.

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